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  • State supported sunrise industry leader
    We provide a broad career development platform and create historical opportunities in the rapid development of national medical industry. With passion and fortitude, we are willing to write a glory history and promote the revolutionary upgrading of the industry. Our efforts will be engraved in this era.
  • Diversified career training
    Professional instructor lineup, systematic training sections, rich rotation opportunities, all these will contribute to a higher career and a win-win for personal value and enterprise development.
  • Generous salary and benefits
    Tuoren, a company which will offer you a platform to success, provides you a solid financial support to realize self-worth and social value through its comprehensive and competitive compensation and welfare system.
  • Customized career development plan
    We provide a variety of career development in functional management, professional skills, business support and product operations, and make your career development plan according to your interests and experiences to help you achieve higher in your career.
  • Warm and inspirational working atmosphere
    Relaxed, lively, joyful, enthusiastic. Let us encourage each other in this big family and grow up together.
  • Fully equipped working and living environment
    Excellent office environment, complete supporting facilities, perfect logistics support.