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  • Positive pressure Protective Hood

    Positive pressure Protective Hood

    V1-R2.0(Available in mid-April); V1-R2.1(Available in late April; V1-2.2(Available in early May).MORE
  • Medical Protective Full-Face Mask Type I

    Medical Protective Full-Face Mask Type I

    Type I (without protective lens). Better for daily use. Convinient fliter replacement.Filtering more than 98% virus. Unblocked Breathe. MORE
  • Medical Goggles

    Medical Goggles

    Normal SIZE; Excellent salability; Flexible shape; Highly elastic mirror strap; Double-layer Anti-fog;.MORE
  • Medical Protective Hood

    Medical Protective Hood

    Type I, Type II Built-in high-efficiency filtering device, easy replacement, change every eight hours. Prevent splashing and breathe smoothly MORE
  • Medical Protective Full-Face Mask Type II

    Medical Protective Full-Face Mask Type II

    Type: II(with protective lens).It blocks spite and other secreta splashing.It is more confortable and safer. Protection is better than TypeI.MORE
  • Multi-Rates CP Pump
    Multi-Rates CP Pump
  • Multi-Rates CBI Pump
    Multi-Rates CBI Pump
  • CBI+PCA Pump (CP Pump)
    CBI+PCA Pump (CP Pump)
  • CBI Pump
    CBI Pump
  • Electronic Infusion Pump
    Electronic Infusion Pump
  • Infusion Extension Tube
    Infusion Extension Tube
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