It has extra large view with anti-fog lens; Adjustable supporting frame at head part; inside airflow channel provides the good airflow of positive pressure.MORE
  • Protective Face Mask

    Protective Face Mask

    This product has excellent filtration effect that is greater than 95%; it has excellent apperance design; The filter device can be replaced; it is reusableMORE
  • Medical Isolation Gown

    Medical Isolation Gown

    It has good air permeability and has one-way ventilation. the hooded design prevents the whole body from dust, small particles and secretions MORE
  • Medical Postive Pressure Protective Coverall

    Medical Postive Pressure Protective Coverall

    High efficient filter film that reaches to 99.99% on oil and non-oil particle; good conditon on airflow with rational design;durable power supply that can continue to work for 6-8hour; MORE
  • Face shield

    Face shield

    Full face protection; Clear shield and the splash can be obstracted; The product is made of APET material that has abillity of anti-fog;the backer rod and fixing device can make the user more comfortable MORE
  • Medical Protective Coverall

    Medical Protective Coverall

    It is durable and has light weight. the blue sealed seam improves better protecion. it can effectivly prevent the secretions or other contaminant.MORE
  • Medical Goggles

    Medical Goggles

    It has double-layer anti-fog len; the frame is more comfortable to wear. the breather valve switch can be easily adjusted.MORE
  • Protective Face Mask  FFP2

    Protective Face Mask FFP2

    The 3D sahpe; friendly soft inner material that has property of non-allergenic and skin friendly; the ratioal design of nose clip and elastic cotton make it more comfortable to wear with excellent protection.MORE
  • Injection Port Foley Catheter Kit
    Injection Port Foley Catheter Kit
  • Temperature Measuring Foley Catheter Kit
    Temperature Measuring Foley Catheter Kit
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