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  • Current Location:Home>Product>Epidemic Products>New Product
  • Medical Isolation Gown
  • Medical Isolation Gown
  • Medical Isolation Gown
  • Medical Isolation Gown
  • Medical Isolation Gown
  • Medical Isolation Gown
  • Medical Isolation Gown

    It has good air permeability and has one-way ventilation. the hooded design prevents the whole body from dust, small particles and secretions
    It is suitable for general isolation and individual protection
  • Product Details
  • 【Product Name】

    Medical Isolation Gown

    【Type and Specification】

    Type A:Gown Type

    Type B: Overall Type

    Type C: Split Type

    Length: 80cm-200cm,

    Chest circumference: 80cm-160cm

    Sleeve Length 45cm-80cm.



    【Material and Structure】

    This product is made of non-woven fabrics that processed by SMMS technology.  Gown type is composed of body and sleeve. Overall type consists of hooded coat and trousers. Split type is composed of coat and trousers. The cuffs and ankles are elastic. The waists of overall type and split type are elastic.


  • Good air permeability: non-woven fabric, sturdy and druable, one-way ventilation
  • Hooded design: whole body protect can effectively block dust and small particles.
  • Effectively block any liquids and secretions.

  • 【Packaging】

    Packaging type

    Package size


    Package bag


    1 pc/bag



    20 pc/ctn

    Gross weight: 5.7 KG


    【Scope of Application】

    It is used for isolation in the outpatient, ward and laboratory of medical institutions for medical staff or is also suitable for general isolation and individual protection.